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Sarah is a former admission counselor, turned special education teacher, turned stay at home mom. She has two kids, an older girl, Maya, younger boy, Simon and a cat. She enjoys tea (PG Tips), London (she studied there during college), knitting and running.

Mandi is a former health and physical education teacher, also turned stay at home mom. She has three kids (CRAZY), oldest is Anna, middle one is Adelyn (Addie), baby's name is William (Spikey) and two dachshunds. She likes to paint anything that can't move, baking and running.

Once upon a time Mandi and Sarah met when their daughters were in the same preschool class. Sarah lives close to the school and Mandi lived about thirty minutes away. They started hanging out at Sarah's house during school with Addie and Simon since they are close in age and, at the time (and possibly forever!), too energetic to hang out at Starbucks with the other moms. When the weather became nice Mandi wanted to start running outside with Addie and asked Sarah and Simon to join her. Sarah was not even close to being a runner but, with Mandi's skills from being a former community health educator, she managed to convince Sarah to join her. They became fast friends!

After Mandi convinced Sarah to start running regularly, Sarah convinced Mandi to move to her neighborhood. Mandi and her family found a house within walking distance and the "co-parenting" began! Now they help out with each others kids regularly (no more Target runs with kids, just drop them off at the other Mom's house!) They like to joke around that they are "sister-wives". Thus began the crazy playdates, big family dinners and craziness that comes with having five kids, four adults and two little dogs all in the same place!

When they need a break they enjoy long trips to Target after the kids go to bed, eating homemade desserts without sharing them with their kids and bartering goods.

Here's Us.

Here's our families. Getting everyone to smile at once was impossible!!


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