Purple Bracelets

It's official, our family is donning our purple bracelets for our quest for 21 days of no complaining. I commissioned Maya to make us all purple rainbow loom bracelets and when she was done we sat down for our first ever, official family meeting. 

We started off by explaining the premise, we want to look at the positive side of things and stop the complaining. If we have a problem, instead of complaining, we should think about how to solve the problem. This requires practicing being positive and, if we do it long enough, it will become habit.

Before we put our bracelets on we went around and had our last complaints. We are now attempting to support each other by finding solutions to our problems. In typical Jared fashion he is [jokingly] attempting to push my buttons so I will snap and he will win! I have self control and a competitive side; enough said!

Maya was finding the idea of starting over every time she complained distressing which is understandable. This is supposed to be hard but not frustrating to the point of being upset so we modified for her. Her goal is to switch her bracelet as few times as possible during the day. If she has to switch it three times one day she will aim to switch two times or less the next day. Simon, on the other hand, is just wearing his bracelet for solidarity - hopefully the positivity will just rub off on him!

We decided that when we all complete our 21 days we will do something to celebrate. One idea was to see a movie or something along those lines!

If you know me in real life and hear me complain or gossip please hold me accountable! Join our family in the desire to be positive. It is hard but we would like company in our quest to positivity!


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