Happy Birthday William

If you think it is impossible to get a picture of a one year old that is not blurry try dumping out 200 plastic balls and then give it shot. See above for the results! William turned one last weekend and we celebrated with a family camping (in a cabin) trip. We had a great time! 

I made him these vegan cupcakes for my first try at vegan baking. Since William can't have milk or eggs (he's allergic). All baked goods need to be basically vegan. These cupcakes were delicious. William certainly approved. See below.

Although I was hoping for a more stiff icing that could be piped onto the cupcakes. The icing turned out more like a glaze. Next time I may try omitting the soy milk and keeping the soy butter in the fridge until I am ready to make it. I had been planning on making him a ball pit for a while for his birthday present and I even purchased a plastic swimming pool for $10 at the end of the summer. I know I am a planner. Then I ordered these balls from amazon. This made for a very happy one year old. The big kids love it too. See below, Ha!

Although they do not understand why they can't run and jump into like they do at the local indoor playground. I highly recommend making this for your favorite one year old. You will not be disappointed they are sure to love it! When Will gets a little bigger I will put the ball pit at the bottom of the slide in the playroom in our playroom in our basement.


  1. Aww snuggle bug! I miss you Will (and Anna and Addie too!)! Hope he loved his "roadster" as much as Uncle Bryce, who definitely couldn't take it for a spin! Also hope we can visit you when (and if) the weather gets warmer! XOXO, Dara

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