Complaint Free World

 Who isn't tired of hearing complaints? 
I'm hungry.
My coat is uncomfortable.
I don't WANT to eat that!

Some days it seems like every word I hear is whiny, complaining and frustrating. I do it it too. I don't feel like cleaning every day! I am a complainer just like my family. Where do you think they learned it from?!

These days it seems like there is a little bracelet for everything. Remember the livestrong ones? One of our friends started wearing a purple one and, I must admit, I never pegged him for the bracelet wearing type! Turns out he and his co-workers are participating in a movement called "A Complaint Free World".

The premise is that you should not complain or gossip for 21 days straight. Instead find a positive solution for your problem. If you complain than you have to switch your bracelet to your other arm and start your 21 days over.

Stuck in traffic? Good, more time to talk to your family or listen to music. Practice and see how long it takes you to do 21 days of no complaining, it usually takes an average of 5-7 months. Can you do it quicker?

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