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Congrats to Michelle Sondabend Davidoff! Send us a picture of the necklace in action and we will be happy to post it!

Nana's Itty Bits Jewelry for Mothers

Here is some information about a sweet local business called Nana's Itty Bits that is making their own jewelry for moms and caretakers of infants. We are so excited to giveaway one of these to one of our lucky readers. Keep reading for details.

About Us:

Nana’s Itty Bits is an online WAHM business creating custom and ready-made caretaker necklaces.  We are a mother-daughter-granddaughter team. Daughter (Trista) is the person you talk to for orders, custom designs, payments and customer service. Nana (Pam) is the talented artist that makes each and every necklace come to fruition. And of course our Itty Bit (Jessa) gives each design a test run to ensure that your Itty Bit will love your necklace!

We specialize in custom designs and coordinating necklaces with a favorite baby carrier.  

 About Our Products:

We specialize in caretaker necklaces, also known as a nursing necklace, feeding necklace or mother’s jewelry. Our necklaces serve as multi-sensory stimulators designed to sharpen visual skills and avoid head turning distractions. Often a caretaker will wear our necklaces during breast or bottle feeding, baby wearing or play time to give baby colors, shapes and textures to focus on. As baby gets older, the necklaces become something they can reach for and play with--saving skin, hair and clothing from painful pulling and pinching. Nursing necklaces are also recommended by La Leche League International to give babies something to hold on to while nursing.  

We offer caretaker necklaces wrapped in fabric as well as beaded designs strung with hand crocheted beads and accents as well as smooth unfinished beads and rings. All of our necklaces are adjustable and made with natural fabrics and unfinished solid pine wood beads.      

Our necklaces are made and shipped from a smoke-free, dog-friendly home.  

We will be giving away one of these necklaces. To enter the contest, you must like our Facebook page here and Nana's Itty Bits Page here. Then you must share this post on your Facebook timeline and comment either on here or on of Facebook page that you have shared. Winner will be picked on Sunday Jan 19th. Good Luck!

Happy Birthday William

If you think it is impossible to get a picture of a one year old that is not blurry try dumping out 200 plastic balls and then give it shot. See above for the results! William turned one last weekend and we celebrated with a family camping (in a cabin) trip. We had a great time! 

I made him these vegan cupcakes for my first try at vegan baking. Since William can't have milk or eggs (he's allergic). All baked goods need to be basically vegan. These cupcakes were delicious. William certainly approved. See below.

Although I was hoping for a more stiff icing that could be piped onto the cupcakes. The icing turned out more like a glaze. Next time I may try omitting the soy milk and keeping the soy butter in the fridge until I am ready to make it. I had been planning on making him a ball pit for a while for his birthday present and I even purchased a plastic swimming pool for $10 at the end of the summer. I know I am a planner. Then I ordered these balls from amazon. This made for a very happy one year old. The big kids love it too. See below, Ha!

Although they do not understand why they can't run and jump into like they do at the local indoor playground. I highly recommend making this for your favorite one year old. You will not be disappointed they are sure to love it! When Will gets a little bigger I will put the ball pit at the bottom of the slide in the playroom in our playroom in our basement.

Books For Me

I used to be an avid reader. I was a legit bookworm. I was that kid who, in the morning, was super tired because I just needed to read one more page. I still love it but as soon as Maya was born I found my attention span to be negligible. I've gotten into a few good books here and there but I really want to dive back in.

I saw a pin on Pinterest with sixteen books to read before the become movies. I've actually read one of them, good for me! The Fault in Our Stars was a wonderful book that made me want to become the reader I once was. Hopefully this list will motivate me to read again.

What good books have you read recently? I love books that you can start and be into, I'm not good at "50 pages in" although I have done that and be rewarded with excellent reads. (The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel)

Beyond these books what can you recommend? 

Heard of StitchFix?

As I was perusing Facebook last night I came across a referral for StitchFix. It's an online personal stylist that sends you clothing and accessories for a $20 fee which is then applied to your order if you decide to keep anything. Also if you keep all five items they send you than you get a 25% discount on all of it!

I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I would love to try it because you can get items you might not have chosen for yourself if you went shopping. On the other hand I do really like shopping and hunting for bargains! 

Have you tried it? Check it out here! (Feel free to use me as a referral ;)

Happy Belated New Year!

We had some friends over for New Year's Eve and I had the kids make these noise makers.

This was so easy and it kept the kids busy and they stopped wrestling for about twenty minutes. I had each kid decorate the back of two paper plates. Then I stapled them together leaving just about six inches without staples. I had the kids put cheerios inside. I used Cheerios because Will can eat them if they accidentally got opened up, but you could really use anything: pasta, rice, or whatever you like. Then I finished stapling the rest of the plate. The kids loved shaking these! They all searched the house for them when it was time for our fake countdown at eight o'clock. Oh, and this pretty much sums up every photo that I try to take.

Purple Bracelets

It's official, our family is donning our purple bracelets for our quest for 21 days of no complaining. I commissioned Maya to make us all purple rainbow loom bracelets and when she was done we sat down for our first ever, official family meeting. 

We started off by explaining the premise, we want to look at the positive side of things and stop the complaining. If we have a problem, instead of complaining, we should think about how to solve the problem. This requires practicing being positive and, if we do it long enough, it will become habit.

Before we put our bracelets on we went around and had our last complaints. We are now attempting to support each other by finding solutions to our problems. In typical Jared fashion he is [jokingly] attempting to push my buttons so I will snap and he will win! I have self control and a competitive side; enough said!

Maya was finding the idea of starting over every time she complained distressing which is understandable. This is supposed to be hard but not frustrating to the point of being upset so we modified for her. Her goal is to switch her bracelet as few times as possible during the day. If she has to switch it three times one day she will aim to switch two times or less the next day. Simon, on the other hand, is just wearing his bracelet for solidarity - hopefully the positivity will just rub off on him!

We decided that when we all complete our 21 days we will do something to celebrate. One idea was to see a movie or something along those lines!

If you know me in real life and hear me complain or gossip please hold me accountable! Join our family in the desire to be positive. It is hard but we would like company in our quest to positivity!

Complaint Free World

 Who isn't tired of hearing complaints? 
I'm hungry.
My coat is uncomfortable.
I don't WANT to eat that!

Some days it seems like every word I hear is whiny, complaining and frustrating. I do it it too. I don't feel like cleaning every day! I am a complainer just like my family. Where do you think they learned it from?!

These days it seems like there is a little bracelet for everything. Remember the livestrong ones? One of our friends started wearing a purple one and, I must admit, I never pegged him for the bracelet wearing type! Turns out he and his co-workers are participating in a movement called "A Complaint Free World".

The premise is that you should not complain or gossip for 21 days straight. Instead find a positive solution for your problem. If you complain than you have to switch your bracelet to your other arm and start your 21 days over.

Stuck in traffic? Good, more time to talk to your family or listen to music. Practice and see how long it takes you to do 21 days of no complaining, it usually takes an average of 5-7 months. Can you do it quicker?

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