Sparkly Decorations

Sparkles are a big deal in our house. We love anything that sparkles! We especially love holiday lights although we, unfortunately, don't participate. It's not that we are against them for our house but I just don't even know where to begin!!!

When I was teaching I tried to think of winter crafts that weren't holiday specific. My first/second grade classroom had kids who loved crafts and closer to the holidays it was fun to be more relaxed and make things to decorate our classroom. What better to decorate with than glitter! 

Glitter ornaments are great to hang on Christmas trees, windows, even make a mobile! Ours reside on our window just to add a bit of sparkle to our dining room!

First you take a piece of yarn, the length of your choice, and coat it in Elmers glue. 
When the yarn is thoroughly covered with glue shape it on a surface that it will not permanently stick to. We used parchment paper but I think that a ziplock bag would have been easier to peel it off of.
Now sparkle it up!! Sprinkle glitter on the yarn so it's coated to your desire and let it dry. Maya sprinkled the glitter and blew on it to make the colors mix together.
FYI this is not a clean project but it does leave your hands fantastically sparkly!!

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