Invisible Ink

 I'm not sure if you were aware but I live with a spy. She is six years old and is working hard to creep around my house, unseen, while asking me not to look at her. She was lucky enough to get some awesome spy stuff from her friends for her birthday, binoculars that see in the dark, glasses you can see behind you and some other fun tools!

My sister decided to add to her fun with some invisible ink markers. They are awesome!! They write completely clear and you can only see the message with a black light that comes on the cap of the marker. It's meant to be for paper but Maya uses them to write secret messages on my hand. Anna was over yesterday and they took it to a new level. If you look at my hands and feet in black light secret messages will appear!!!

These markers are cheap, you can get them on Amazon Prime and provide my kids with hours of amusement!!

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