Buttons, Buttons Everywhere!

I probably told you that my Mom taught preschool. It's pretty handy, especially with two young kids! Also handy that my parents recently downsized, (they moved thirty minutes closer) and I got some stuff I never knew I needed. 

Among the things I got was some of my Mom's preschool collection: books, puzzles and craft projects. I could seriously plan my kids lesson plans for every minute of the day with the books she gave me! One of the gems I pulled out was a button bag!

GASP!! You don't know what a button bag is?? Okay neither did I but it is now every day language around our house. My mom put together a "button activity bag" with sorting activities for multiple levels as well as button themed books!

For Simon's age group, two years old, we did button sorting by color. She drew columns on small posterboard and labeled each with a color. She actually wrote the word in the corresponding color. The kids sort the buttons by color and also practicing seeing the word correspond with its meaning. Simon and his friends got the concept quickly!
While Maya, my six year old, was perfectly happy to sort buttons by color I had her do the more complicated project! She had to not only sort by color but also by number of holes in the buttons!
She did a great job working on it but playing with buttons is apparently WAY more fun! She gave herself button eyes...
We also sorted the buttons by size; there are endless possibilities! What kind of projects do you do with buttons?

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