What's Thanksgivika Without a Menurky?!

This year Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving. This complicates things in terms of buying presents (are you really feeling holiday-ish when you're still raking leaves??) but is amazing for the feast. When is it more appropriate to have a fried turkey? (In case you're confused it's tradition to eat fried foods on Hanukkah!)

While we are not frying up a turkey this year, thanks to our Fresh Direct delivery, we will be having latkes and, if I get up to it, turkey shaped challah! We are also decorating; turkeys, dreidels and MENURKEYS!!!

What is a menurkey? Simon's teacher introduced them to me, it's a turkey with eight feathers. Get it? Eight candles, eight feathers, turkey, menorah. It all adds up to a menurky!

I took some things I had around the house and went to work. It probably looks like my kids made it. It was allllll me. I love my arts and crafts and I learned that coloring with sharpies on latex gloves is not as easy as you may think.

DISCLAIMER: Not my prettiest work but it was fun and festive to make!
You need:
2 latex or latex free gloves
small rubber bands
1. Blow up two latex (or latex free) gloves. You can find them in the rubber glove section of the grocery store. I tried to tie a knot like a balloon at the bottom but didn't have luck with that. I used small rubber bands instead.
2. Connect the bottom of the gloves together with a rubber band making sure the thumbs are pointing in the same directions.
3. Connect the thumbs together, with one thumb smaller than the other to make the waddle, using another rubber band.
4. Use a rubber band for each of the feather/candles to make the "flames". (You can see them in the photo below.)
5. Color your menurky!

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