I know that the week before Thanksgiving is probably not the best time to tackle weightloss (or weight maintenance) but this will actually PROVIDE food for those in need! That's right, every 1000 calorie you burn will donate  a dollar to the Weightless Project! Right now through December 31st the money is going to the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

As of now if you connect your Jawbone, FitBit or Basis to the website and every time you exercise you will be helping the hungry. As of right now the Nike running app isn't supported but I've emailed support for both Nike and the Weightless Project so I'm hoping that my exercising can be counted towards food for the hungry soon!

What motivation to know that you keeping yourself healthy this holiday season can help feed those who need it most. So go exercise and feel good about yourself AND the contribution you are making to the hungry!

If your device isn't supported email the company, maybe if enough people email they will also join the Weightless Project!

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