Turkey On a Plate

No, this post isn't about cooking turkey, it's Thanksgiving decoration time! This is a craft that you probably have the materials for in your house plus it has multiple steps so it keeps the kids busy!

We are always looking for festive decorations. This year Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and I finally got my door wreath up, a bit of garland that Maya picked out but we are turkey-less. We changed that yesterday!

Maya's friend Delilah was here and they both love doing art projects. I was going to have Simon do the project too but I never got around to cutting out his hand prints. I think this will be perfect to do with him when Maya is at her playdate today!

construction paper
paper plate
glue sticks

First Maya and Delilah traced their hands as many time as they would fit on the pages. (They fit six on each page!) Then they cut them out.
I gave them glue sticks and they glued their "feathers" (handprints) onto a paper plate. When they finished they glued their turkey body on and used gemstones for their eyes. We were out of red paper for a waddle so they drew it on with crayons!

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