Thanksgiving In A Box

I love to bake, enjoy cooking and truly enjoy hosting our family and friends at our house. This year will be our second year hosting Thanksgiving in our house and I'm so happy to have that honor. Last year was amazing. We had both my and Jared's families, Mandi's family and my friend Jen's family. It was crowded, loud and amazing! There was tons of food, all homemade, and a great time all around.

This year we are down to twenty people. Yes less people than last year, however, my planning has been less plentiful this year. Part of it was planning Maya's birthday party and the rest, well, it just never happened! When we got an email from Fresh Direct last night advertising a full Thanksgiving feast, desserts, sides and all, for 18-20 guests for $295 we jumped at it. Jared's longest work day is Wednesday so the preparation would fall onto me so I was already getting nervous. This deal just came at the right moment and the "available until November XX or until we run out" lit the fire underneath me!

I admit, I feel a bit like a sell out ordering pre-made food. I do enjoy cooking and we are on a budget so typically buying pre-made should be a no-no. Here's how we rationalized it:
1. If we went to Wegmans and purchased all the food we would most likely end up with extra stuff we didn't intend on buying. Ordering pre-made is actually SAVING us money. (Just go with me here!!)
2. We can focus on making things we really like if we want to. If we don't get around to it no one will know!

So here's the deal: 

If you are NOT coming to our Thanksgiving dinner try not to be jealous of the hard work I'm NOT doing (besides cleaning the house!!)

If you are coming this is all a joke and Jared and I slaved over a hot stove cooking your meal. Please be thankful. ;)

PS For you Fresh Direct newbies check it out! This link will give you directions to get $100 off your first two orders!

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