Tea Time Birthday

This year for Maya's birthday party I decided to brave it and have it at home. I pulled out my teacher hat, added it to my Mom head and planned a packed two hours! 

We decided on a tea time theme and we ran with it. All the girls were invited to dress in fancy dresses and we made hats, necklaces and bracelets to adorn ourselves while we sipped some herbal tea, ate cookies we decorated, cupcakes and berries. 

The party was two hours long and that was the perfect amount of time! I made a schedule of events for myself (thanks Mom for those organizational skills!) and it helped me to be somewhat on time and make sure we got most of the activities done. My goal was to have too much to do and cut things out and not have any downtime.

2:00-Color until all the girls arrive
2:15-Make beaded bracelets/necklaces
2:40-Decorate hats.
3:10-Decorate cookies.
3:30-Cake and tea!
4:00-Glass of wine for Sarah.

I really tried to let the party be fun and not force them to start and stop things if they were ready. I left the crayons and beads out during the hat making so the kids always had something to do. They were all very well behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves. Best of all Maya had a jolly good time!


I just left crayons and paper out and, if kids weren't sure what to do, I prompted them with drawing a tea scene. They mostly did princess and fancy rainbows. Very colorful!
Everyone needs to be fancy for a tea party! What's fancier than jewelry? 
Before the party I pre-cut the elastic and tied a bead on the end as a stopper for the other beads. I made WAY too many but I figure that I can always use extras. I put two bowls of beads on each table; one with letter beads and one with pony beads. I handed out the bracelets first and when they were done they got the necklace length elastic. They loved spelling their names and searching for the letters and the jewels looked lovely dahling.

These hats are so easy to make and look adorable! I took a paper plate and cut out the middle circle with a utility knife. I then put a paper bowl through the hole and hot glued it in place. I used the knife to poke holes in each side to put the ribbon through and glued some fabric flowers to decorate. The plates and bowls were from Target and the ribbon (meant for holiday decorating) and flowers were from Christmas Tree Shop. 

The kids decorated them with self adhesive jewels I got on Amazon.com. Before the party I cut them apart and separated them into equal amounts so there would be no arguing about who got most, why it's not fair, etc.

I used the time the kids were taking pictures to clear the tables and spoon out the icing for the cookies. This way I could try to clean up the spilled beads/jewels. It was just enough time!

My friend, Marissa, offered to bake sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. She was such an amazing person to do that, especially since neither of her kids were coming to the party! (Her son is friends with Maya but it was a girls party!)

Before the party I separated out equal amounts of candy into bowls. I used Halloween candy that we never gave out so it was all packaged up and easy to separate. I was also extremely glad to get rid of it! The kids decorated with Nerds, Smarties, Gobstoppers and butter-cream icing. They each got a bowl with a plastic knife and meticulously decorated for almost thirty minutes! Surprisingly enough no one ate them until dessert!  

Cake and Tea:
As the kids were still sitting we transferred their cookies to -GASP- our fine china. Yes, I trusted thirteen six year olds with Lenox Pearl Platinum china. What am I saving it for? I didn't really want it in the first place because I was sure I would never use it so I figured I might as well pull it out for the second time in nine years. 

We served their cookies, vanilla cupcakes and berries. I poured herbal tea into teapots at 1:30 to give it a chance to cool down and the tea was lukewarm and perfect. No burned tongues! The fruity teas were the biggest hit but we did have some takers for the mint tea!

Party Favors:
Mandi found the cutest mini teacup and saucers at Christmas Tree Shop for $2.99 per cup. They were already wrapped with a bow and everything! I stuck two teabags into each cup and voila! Candy free and cute! Similar teacup can be found here.

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