Spy Masks

The other day I had a bunch of kids here and the older ones were playing "Spy," which consisted of a lot of whispering, running around, hiding behind pieces of furniture, and avoiding be spotted by the adults. The kids make maps (which for five-year-olds surprisingly look like real maps). After an hour of running around and diving behind things, I asked them if they would like to do a craft (mostly because William was sleeping and their spy headquarters was right next to his bedroom). They quickly said no; they were far too busy being spies. What if we make spy masks? I asked. OKAY, they shouted. I took paper plates and cut them in half. Then I cut two eye holes out for them. This is much harder than it needs to be. "We need to use yarn to hold them on our faces." They decorated them as they liked with yarn, pastels, and crayons.

I punched holes around the edge of some of the masks so they could tie yarn on them for hair. What spy mask is complete without fake hair? They kept asking each other if their masks looked scary and they wanted to use colors that looked like fire, so they could be scary.

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