She's Six!

Beware: cheesy post ahead!
Exactly six years ago today Maya was born. After way too many hours of labor, a midwife who going to the hospital after twelve hours of labor sent me home telling me to go to a museum to walk around (WHAT??????) and the most amazing epidural, Maya was born sounding like a bleating sheep. I'd love to say that my first thought was love at first sight. Really it was, "She was in WHERE???"

Maya made Jared and me parents and made our parents grandparents. She is a quiet observer but don't think she is not paying attention; she takes in every word! She loves collecting bugs, fancy dresses, cooking and crafts. She lets me do her hair, nails and dress her in fancy dresses to have tea (and I think she enjoys it!)    

I wish my six year old the most magical birthday! Can't wait for cake!

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