Paper Plate Tea Party Hats

This weekend we celebrated Maya's sixth birthday with a fancy tea party. One of our projects was hats and the kids had fun with it! They were cheap, easy for me to make and were a fun touch for our fanciness factor.

You need:
paper plate
paper bowl
utility knife 
hot glue gun
fabric flowers

1. Use the utility knife to cut the inner circle out of the paper plate. I put cardboard under the plate so it wouldn't cut through onto my table.
2. Fit the bowl inside the hole you just cut with the bottom of the bowl facing the same way as the bottom of the plate. Hot glue the bowl to the plate.
3. Use the utility knife to cut holes in either side to string the ribbon through. My holes were not pretty but did the job! I used wide ribbon I found for decorating but any kind would do! I measured around my head and added extra to account for the hat but I'd say it was about 2 1/2 to 3 feet of ribbon.
4. I hot glued fabric flowers I found in a clearance bin but you can use anything! We also got adhesive back jewels for the kids to decorate them with.
Even Maya's grandpas, Poppy and BobBob, got into the hats!

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