Leaf Collage

Around our house leaves are plentiful. I'm not saying that lightly, we can use the leaf blower one afternoon and by the next morning the yard is literally covered in leaves again! If you look out the window on a slightly windy day it looks like it's snowing leaves. While it's very pretty to look at but a major workout to contend with!

When I was looking for wall art for our front hallway, before we had inspiration, I came upon these beautiful pictures made of pressed leaves. They were intricate designs of birds, owls, butterflies and completely made of leaves. Inspiration!!!

I took a walk one afternoon with the kids and we went leaf hunting. Their goal was to find as many different colored, shaped and sized leaves and that we did! Most of them were found on the ground but they had special permission to pick a few leaves on our property which was a huge plus for them!

We went inside and pressed the leaves in a dictionary (in between paper towels) and set them aside for a few weeks. I'm sure it didn't need to be that long but we just hadn't had the time to do the project.

Yesterday Anna and Maya, who were in excellent moods, were in a craft mood. Simon and Addie were busy with dot paint and the big girls were keen on doing a "nature project"! I gave them dictionary pages, my new favorite collage paper, and the pressed leaves. They were so creative! One thing they did learn was they couldn't put the glue stick directly on the leaves, they had to glue the paper instead.

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