Homemade Lip Balm

As usual when Alan and Kristen are over we do something interesting. This time was Kristen's turn!! We took a little shopping trip and got the supplies to make our own lip balm. Yes, we have ventured into making our own makeup.

This lip gloss is easy to make but definitely more of a grown up project once the ingredients are doled out. I think I'm going to try making koolaid lip balm next so the kids can do the whole thing since it doesn't involve heat.

This being said, here is how we did it! You need:
1. Take a heaping scoop, I'm guessing it was a heaping tablespoon, of vaseline and put it in a baking cup (or other heat tolerant cup). In the future I will get a small, cheap pot to keep it safer and more durable or a disposable cupcake tray that I can cup up.
2. Add in a small amount of oil of your choice. We used olive because I feel like it's probably good for your lips. (I'm just guessing on that one!) I'd say it was about a 1/2 teaspoon. Also add in a dash vanilla extract to make it smell good!
3. Peel the crayon of your choice and break it up into the mixture. The smaller the pieces the easier they are to melt. If you want the gloss darker add the whole crayon, lighter add less crayon. You can always adjust it later and add more vaseline or crayon.
4. Heat your mixture up. I did it on a wax warmer but I'm guessing it wasn't the safest choice. You can do it in a double boiler, in 10 second increments in the microwave but any way you do it HEAT and STIR until the mixture is smooth.
5. Pour the mixture into your lip gloss container, cap it and let it cool. When it is room temperature you are ready to use it!! 

If you're not happy with the consistency the beauty is that you can scoop it out and add in extra ingredients. Want to be fancy? Add in some vitamin E. Change it to mint extract. Let me know what you add!

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