A Doll Fit for a Mermaid

When Anna was a toddler, I thought that no child ever played with stuffed toys. Then Addie came along and she loves stuffed animals. She always has a favorite that she is looking for, dancing with, or just toting under her arm everywhere she goes. Her current favorite is a stuffed frog who goes by the name Ella (formerly known as Boom Boom). It was a Halloween gift from our next door neighbor. They are so sweet! I actually just took a twenty minute break so that I could help her find it to take to bed. Her other love is mermaids. She loves to pretend she is a mermaid every night in the bathtub. When she stands up every night, she says, "Look, Mommy, I am balancing on my mermaid tail." This maybe my fault. This summer I told her and Anna that swimming lessons are called "mermaid school." They were both a little unsure of learning to swim, so I thought this would help. It did. Except that no one knew what they were talking--when they referred to mermaid school--about all summer long. It made me laugh every time they said it. I recently stumbled across this adorable mermaid doll.

I just ordered this as a present for Addie for an upcoming holiday. I wonder what she will name her? Doesn't The Land of Nod have such unique things? This particular item is there exclusively. They offer $4.95 for all you can ship.

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