$5 Floor Lamp

Floor lamps can be pricey and our house has several rooms with no overhead lighting. Must have been the in thing in the 70s. I am not sure. But I love this lamp. 

Which my mom, after hours and hours of searching, purchased. She was going between it and this one.

Notice a difference? Yes, the design is slightly different, but the price. Wow. What a big next difference. Helping my mom decide on a lamp led me to my next project. Someone gave me this lamp.

Since I love to spray paint things, I decided to get out the brushed nickel finish spray paint and give it two coats of paint. It all came together the other day when I was wondering around Target. Don't get me wrong. I take a list, but sometimes I have to check some other stuff out. I was looking in the lamp section and at the back of the end cap they had lamp shades. The one I bought was $5. 

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