Two Kids Three Cats

Yesterday we had a garage sale and then did what everyone would do, take the earnings and adopted two kittens. Wait, not everyone does that??

We have an eight year old cat, Lucy, whom we love dearly. She is super loveable and independent. The perfect lap cat! About a year ago we fostered a kitten overnight and Maya was IN LOVE. She cried when we gave her to its forever home and still talks about her. It made me think...

We took a trip to Petsmart during their adoption hours and hung out with all the adorable kittens. I think it officially turned me into a cat lady!!! We held them, put them cuddled them and tried really hard to make a decision! Jared was sure we should only take one but I had a hard time separating this three month old brother and sister pair. It was meant to be, the boy's original name was Jared!!! 

The transition at home with our older cat is a bit rocky. I finally coaxed her down with some treats but she's a bit skittish. (Probably because the kittens got out of the bathroom we are currently keeping them in and Lucy was NOT happy!!) 

Maya named the girl Ellie and Simon and I named the boy Jack. Welcome to the family kittens!

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