Pin the Fly on the Frog's Tongue and Other Frog-Themed Games

We had a frog-themed party for Addie's 3rd birthday. I shared the cupcakes with you that I made for the party. We also played this really cute game. I found these little flies using clip art. I printed them out and cut them into squares. I had my artistic friend draw a giant frog (Thanks, Thi!) and I cut out a piece of construction paper to make the tongue. I realized when we were playing the game that this was a bad idea. The older kids (really just one) figured out that they could just feel the paper to see where the tongue was. Oops.

We also played Pass the Frog. My friend loaned me a beanie baby red eyed tree frog (Thanks, Beth!). It was similar hot potato, but no one gets out. When the music stops and you are holding the frog, you have to say ribbit, ribbit as loud as you can.

We played another game that I made up and called Lily Pads. I put six hula hoops down in the driveway and I asked the kids to walk, run, skip, hop, etc. around until the music stops. When the music stops, they had to get inside a hula hoop. Each time I stopped the music, I took away a hoop. The kids had to work together to fit. They all managed to fit inside one hoop.

I bought some white paper bags and had the kids decorate them with frog and bug stickers. They each got a lily pad to decorate also. I took three packs of these frogs and scattered them all over the yard. The kids had a scavenger hunt to find them. The lily pad was for when they take the frogs home; they could play a game where they have to try to land their frogs on the lily pad. Even though she forgot this, it was my friend Beth's idea. Again: Thanks, Beth!

I must mention that I don't like to play games with preschool-aged children where any of them get out. It usually causes meltdowns. When they get a little older, you can have them get out, but then they can do a task to get back into the game. It is more fun that way!

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