Have you carved your pumpkins yet? I haven't. In fact I haven't carved a pumpkin since, well, I can't remember. They are messy, don't last long and I can find cute ones I can reuse post-Halloween really cheap. The only thing I really miss is toasted pumpkin seeds.

I do, however, love festive things. Specifically food. I was at Wegmans today and was almost suckered into pumpkin shaped gummies and candy corn. (I really want a jack-o-lantern shaped baking pan I saw at Target.) 

When I came across a photo of pepper jack-o-lanterns I knew I had to try them! First I cut off the top and cleared out the seeds. I used a steak knife to do the carving because of the sharp point, it worked perfectly! Then I filled them with a few mini meatballs that Jared made, they were delicious, and filled the rest of it with angel hair spaghetti. The kids loved it! (So did I!)
I was hoping that the pepper-o-lanterns would be so exciting that it would get my kids to eat the whole pepper along with their pasta and meatballs. Apparently it's not the case. Simon, who LOVES peppers, didn't even eat it. I'll blame that on the late dinner and the fact that this almost two and a half year old does not nap. Dinner is not usually his best meal but maybe it would have been gobbled up for lunch. The pasta and meatballs though were eaten as demonstrated by his very typical spaghetti sauce face!

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