OO I Got More Jewels

I love my family and, while I know that I spend just about EVERY WAKING MOMENT with them, I  like to have something to remind me of them. 

I'm not the tattoo type. I am absolutely fascinated by them but way too indecisive to ever consider getting one myself. I remember in college wishing there was a kind of tattoo that would last for five years so I could pretend that I was living on the edge but not have to make that kind of commitment. Seriously though I'm intrigued by them and might want to ask you about it if you have one...

What's the next best thing in my book? Jewelry! I already have jewelry that commemorates my family. Remember this and this? I still love those necklaces and wear one of them every day. My kids love looking at them and Maya always makes sure she identifies which part of the necklaces are "her". I did, however, discover Origami Owl from my college friend, Shelly, who is of of their Independent Designers.

I went on her site and started browsing. My goodness are there options!!!  I ended up with a large silver locket with many charms and three dangles. Since I was on a roll I decided to get a matching one for Maya for her birthday. (Have I mentioned that I'm a cheese-ball and love matching??) 

When Maya started school at two I used to write three things on her hand before school so that she could have something tangible to remind her of home while at school. I drew a heart (love), smiley face (be happy) and lips (kiss). I found charms for each of those for her necklace as well as a cat paw. I cannot wait to give it to her! For now check out my necklace. I love it!

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