No Sew Peter Pan Costume

My friend asked me for some help with her Halloween Costume. She is a teacher and her school is having a Disney theme for all staff. She decided to be Peter Pan. I asked her to get me a green t-shirt or tunic and a piece from a bolt of felt. I think she got me about a half a yard; it was more than plenty.
I started by cutting the shirt at the bottom and on the sleeves to give it a fringe look. Next I cut the collar off of the shirt and cut a v in the front.
I asked her to measure her head. It was 23 inches. Same as mine, so I used myself to measure the fabric before I cut it. I folded the fabric, then I cut it like this.
Next I took hot glue and put glue inside the two pieces of felt all along the edge. Then I flipped the hat inside out or right side in depending on how you look at it. I flipped up the brim and added a red feather.
I made one for William too. Anna is being Wendy, Addie is being Tinkerbell, Bill is going to be Captain Hook ,and I am going to be Izzy. I know we ARE dorks!

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