Modern Kid Art

My house is not done being decorated. I can no longer use the "I just moved in" or "I have a baby" excuse so I'm now using the "I'm waiting for inspiration" line.

One of my projects that needed inspiration is my hallway in the front entrance. It's a ten foot wall so I considered a collage of pictures but I can never decide on pictures. I always think that I'll want to keep the pictures updated so I wait for the next round and never put them up.

On a nightly perusal of Etsy I found these really cute pictures of British images on dictionary pages and I thought it was such a fun idea. I thought I might want to try something like that myself so Alan and Kristen found us some dictionaries at Goodwill Outlet for 25¢ each.  

Yesterday I was trying to think of a project in which both kids could participate and keep them happy. They had a long day with their grandparents on Saturday and needed some downtime. I pulled out the dictionary, cut out some pages and gave them watercolors and dot paint. The kids were taken by it! They both painted for a long time and Alan even got in on the action!

When they were finished I had an idea. I had a bunch of frames from Ikea that had been waiting for pictures so I framed them. Here's the thing about art: sometimes the most expensive pieces look, to me, that they could have been done by a toddler. I don't understand why a swipe of paint on a blank canvas with a fancy name could be any more valuable than something I could do. I'm probably just missing something. I decided that if I hang them in my front hallway and not tell anyone that it is kid art than maybe I'll just look cultured and appreciative of very fancy modern art. 

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