Make Your Own Cards by Made by Hands

My kids are obsessed with making cards for people. Recently Anna made a card for a relative and she sealed it and asked me to send it. I had no idea what she wrote on it. The relative disclosed that it said Happy Halloween and that she loved her. How sweet! Also, after Addie's party Anna insisted on helping to decorate the thank you notes. Don't most kids protest writing thank yous? Not mine. It is their favorite part of holidays. Everyday she would beg me to work on them. Do you know someone who loves crafts and making cards? If so this would make the perfect present. It comes with 20 cards and envelops, a glue stick, six sheets of different colored card stock (with perforated edges) and a design card. Pick a design. Punch out the shapes you need to create the design and glue them to the card. It comes with a card that shows you how to use the shapes to create the designs or you could let your child create their own designs. The cards are made out of nice quality paper and there are so many shapes that you could put more than one design on each card. Create an adorable handmade card for any occasion. 

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