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When I'm awake at night I window shop online. I have my usuals, Target, Amazon and Etsy. The other day I was Etsy browsing and I typed in "worry". I know, not a usual search for a store but I come from a line of worriers and I love things that cater to people like me.

When I was little my Grandma gave me "worry dolls" from Guatemala. The idea is that you tell them your worries, put them under your pillow and they will do the worrying for you. Convenient! Then in Ireland I purchased a "worry stone" which was basically a smooth stone to keep in your hand to rub your thumb on when you're worried. (If you are a worrier you'll know how that might help!) My sister, and fellow fidgeter, got me a worry ring which has beads that you can play with if you're feeling antsy.

Maya, the poor girl, got my worrying trait. She is a thinker, her head always spinning and thinking about everything and anything. Hence my Etsy search for "worry". I expected to find a few worry rings but what I came across is Wilson the Worry Critter. It's as if he was made for Maya. You write down your worries and feed them to the monster who will eat your worries. It would make such a great conversation starter to discuss what's bothering you and a physical way to try to rid yourself of them. Plus they are extremely cute. 
The shop owner, Holly, said that she is working on a small version of Wilson, Wilson Jr., for my fellow worriers who focus on budgeting, aka a smaller and less expensive version! She also has a holiday version of critters which are great holiday gifts!
She also does custom orders. This is amazing. She will actually take your child's artwork and create a stuffed animal out of the picture! Literally bring your child's artwork to real life. I would LOVE to see all the creations she makes. If you order please send pictures!!
Check out the Etsy shop Kooky Critters. You can find tooth fairy pillows, worry pillows and stuffed animals. Careful, you may want one of each!

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