iPhone 5c

If you have an iPhone and you put the new software on it, you have been questioning that decision for the last three weeks or so. When they released the software, 5s and the 5c, I just happened to be due for a new phone. Believe me I am not the type to get in line for the newest or latest from Apple. In fact, when they released the 5 and changed the power chord, I swore off Apple forever. Why, WHY, Why did they do that? Don't they know that I have approximately 100 of the old chargers laying around? Super annoying. Also, the company puts out a new phone every year so that your phone seems antiquated--compared to the new technology--and is also total CRAP! I had been talking myself into the Samsung Galaxy 4 for the last six months or so. It does seem awesome, but it's the same price as a new iPhone 5s. That is when I realized that the 5c was half the price of the both. Yep, half the price--just $99. It is the same phone as the 5 but according to the Apple Geek at the store it has a better battery and antenna. Also, did you know that Apple, AT&T (probably the other carriers) and websites such as Gazelle will buy your old iPhone. I had an iPhone 4 and I was offered $85, $120, and $115 respectively. Here is the case I picked. I had this style of case for my old phone and I loved it. When I leave the house, I only have to remember one thing and I have phone and my wallet. Best. Thing. Ever!

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