Frog Party Hats

If you missed my last couple of posts I talked about the frog themed party that we had for Adelyn. I posted about the cupcakes and the frog themed games that we played. Today I am going to share the frog party hats that I made, I saw these hats on Etsy and decided to make my own version.

They were very simple to make and I already had all of the supplies. It took me about an hour to make all fifteen hats. I knew that some kids would not wear the hats but I also knew that it could be a problem if there wasn't one for each kid. All you need is white paper plates (I had some left over from these), glue, scissors, stapler, green, red and black construction paper. First, I took green construction paper and folded it four times length wise and then I cut on the folded lines. I stapled two strips together for each hat. Next I took paper plates and cut them in half. Then I folded sheets of black construction into squares and drew circles on them. Anna helped me cut them out. Then I cut strips of red construction paper that were curved on one side for the tongue. I used a stapler to assemble the hat. I used one staple to staple the plates (overlapping) and tongue. Then I stapled the other side of each paper plate. Anna glued each black circle onto the paper plates. When kids arrived at the party I used the hats to measure their heads and then I stapled them to fit. Anna refused to wear the hat but Simon and Maya obliged. In fact, Maya and Addie kept theirs on for the entire party. 

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