Crunch Art

I took the kids to our local children's museum the other day. They have an art center that they have structured art projects for the kids to do. They do them at set times and the girls are always so excited if we happen to be there when it is open. This particular day they were doing crunch art. I had never seen this before so I quickly checked Amazon to see if they carried it and they do. It is made by a company called Little Kids. The company recommends ages 4 and up. Although, Addie (age 3) had no problem doing it.  

The kits come with foam activity boards with a template printed on it, crunching stylus, and lots and lots of brightly colored fabric squares. Anna's template was a flower. Here is how you do crunch art. First you take a foam activity board and place a fabric square on it where you would like it to go.

Next you take the crunching stylus and poke the center of the fabric and press firmly and the fabric will go into the foam activity board.

This awesome activity promotes eye-hand coordination, strength, fine motor control, and direction following.

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