Book Came to Life!

It all started with a trip to Costco. I wanted to get some of this kale/brussles sprout salad they have and, as most all trips to Costco go, I had a cart full of STUFF. I got some wax warmers (scentsy and partylite-esque). I'm hoping to use the warmers with PartyLite Citrus Peel and Sage melts, they smell AMAZING!

As we were perusing the book section I came across the Guinness World Records 2014 . That is right up Maya's alley. She loves looking at the unusual, freaky, amazing things of this world. She is an avid worm digger, boo boo checker, inquisitive kid who wants to know exactly how things work. I grabbed the book and she sat fascinated in the cart looking at all the pictures.

When we got home and Simon was in bed our friend Alan, of our infamous friends Alan and Kristen, noticed that you could get an app that made the pages come alive. I downloaded it and it was AWESOME. At first we saw some videos that were cool but when the 3D animals, insects and people came out of the book it got even better. 

First we met some dinosaurs taking over London. Then some bugs came out onto the page that were a bit too lifelike. The shortest girl in the world was our favorite. We posed with pictures with her and everything!

In this age of technology we can get just about everything on kindle, nook, ibooks, etc. While I do miss that book smell I have adapted which makes it easier to read in bed when Jared is sleeping. This book, on the other hand, is way worth the paper pages. We had so much fun reading it together and when we added the technology it made for a very memorable experience!

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