Travelling Tea

I love my tea. If I don't have my tea I won't be pleasant Sarah but grumpy, slightly out of it Sarah. I am always on the hunt for the perfect travel mug so you never have to meet decaffeinated Sarah.

When Mandi and I started hanging out I noticed that, instead of bringing a travel mug of coffee she brought regular mugs. She just doesn't like drinking out of travel mugs. I started doing the same thing (we often run out of disposable cups and the reusable ones have rubbery lids that sometimes have a funny smell. I find that they often spill if I'm not holding it and I wanted a solution. I want my tea in a spillproof mug that doesn't stink.

In my late night, can't sleep, internet searching I came across people who use mason jars as hot cups. They make or buy cosys, get a Cuppow to turn it into a travel mug and off you go! Cheap, reusable and fun looking. 

So far I've gotten as far as the mug and cosy, still need to get the Cuppow, and it's working out great! (My cosy is made out of an old sock that lost its mate with the foot cut off.)

I can bring my drink in the car with a lid and drink it when I get to my destination. Until I get my Cuppow, then I'll be drinking my tea all the way there!


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  2. How fortunate that the Cuppow website has a 10% off sale today. I'm really intrigued by their BNTO lid, too!

    But for tea, I love my Contigo Autoseal. It's like a grown up sippy cup - easy to drink from and doesn't leak when tipped! I have the pink color and even after two years of being dropped and washed in the dishwasher, it looks great! And now there's a 20oz size, too! I might need a new one!


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