Thirty One Bags for the Staten Island Zoo

Imagine this: you're planning a trip to the Staten Island Zoo for the day and realize something. You have NOTHING cute to carry your lunch and snacks. You also need a very stylish and roomy bag to carry your supplies like a camera to capture the cassowarys you have helped to bring to the zoo, diapers, etc. Good thing you are reading this post beforehand! 
Thirty-One makes bags and accessories to fit the bill! Also, when you buy through this party, you are helping to bring those cassowarys to the zoo as the consultant, Beth, will be donating 10% of her commission to the cassowary fund!

Here is what I would bring:
Casual Cargo Purse and Thermal Tote
Free to Be Soft Wallet (It easily fits my Iphone 5 in the outside pocket!)
Best of all your purchase will help to fund the cassowarys! Beth Zahler, the generous ThirtyOne Independent Consultant, will be donating 10% of the sale of each item to the Staten Island Zoo so she can bring her son to see the cassowarys YOU helped to fund.

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