Story of My Life

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This quote is the story of my life!! I have intentions of keeping my house organized, I really do. I grew up in an organized house, I feel better when my house is organized, I really LOVE when my laundry is done, HOWEVER, sometimes I just don't feel like it. Sometimes I'd rather sit around with the kids coloring, watching them play, watching a movie. Sometimes at night I'd much rather catch up on shows with Jared while drinking my tea. 

I know that I should make organizing a priority because how will I ever teach my kids to do the same? I thought about this as I was asking Maya to clean her room one afternoon while the dishes from breakfast were still on the table. (Please don't judge me on that!!) I really need to make a bigger effort to straighten up but I've decided that, while I will continue to work on it, if it looks like a tornado came through ever once in a while but we had a fun day I'll just deal with it. So will Jared.

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