Potty Baby

Everyone has their own potty training tactics. I certainly don't claim to have the answers! Maya was a stubborn potty trainer. She would sit on the potty and get up and pee in her pants. She was trained by the end of the month she turned three. 

Simon, on the other hand, has been sitting on the potty sporadically since right around when he turned two. Part of it because Maya is trained, partly because Addie was getting trained and partly because he is just a more laid back, go with the flow kid.

This weekend I went for it. He has been telling me he's going to the bathroom, using the toilet before baths so I figured that this is as good of a time as ever! We pulled out his underwear and I downloaded the Potty Baby app that Mandi told me about when she was training Addie. 

This app is amazing. You set it for whatever intervals you decide and the buzzer goes off to remind you. You can delay the timer, pause it, set it for only waking hours. You can record whether the child asked to go or was prompted and what they did, even if they did nothing. It keeps a log for you to look back and see and patterns. Best of all it does that with a VERY easy interface!

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