Post-it Note Art

We were having a huge family dinner at my in-law's house last week. My in-laws are very generous with giving gifts to our kids and there in no lack of things to do at their house. I always find it funny (and I'm proud of the creativity) when kids forgo the traditional toys and play with non-traditional toys. 

This visit my father in law, Bob, gave Maya a five pack of neon post-it notes. When she was little Maya used to just pull them apart, throw them and ask for more. This time she and Bob used them to make murals on the wall! It started with a person, then a bird complete with a flapping wing. She was able to finish making the caterpillar before she was called to dinner. 

Maya looked like a little artist. She could not be bothered until her creation was finished when she then called the family in to admire her work. She explained the thought process that went into each picture and wanted to take pictures of each art piece.

Bob gave Maya the rest of the post-its and I can't wait to let Maya and her friends create more masterpieces! 

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