One of Our All Time Favorite Toys

Have you seen this Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House? We bought it for Anna when she turned one and since then, it has been in the toy rotation. It is pretty large so it may not be for you if you have a small place or not a lot of storage. This is a toy that I like to put away and get back out periodically. Each time the kids act like it is a brand new toy. Everyone likes to play with it--even Anna (who is 5). It has so many things to play with that it actually kept all of the children entertained that we invited to her birthday party. They could all play with a different feature of the house. It has a gutter that you can put balls into and they roll down and spin around at the bottom, a clock that you can change the time, a flower that spins, a sun that spins to a moon, a radio with different channels, a phone book that you can flip through, shapes to sort, a mailbox with mail, house numbers that change. When I dragged this out today, I got excited for thirty seconds when I thought I would finally be able to make our house numbers, but I was wrong. The numbers spin but they only have three numbers on them, so you can only make certain combinations. Somehow as many times as we moved we have never been able to make our house number. Anyway, back to features. A window that you can open and shut, a doorbell that rings, a door that opens and shuts as well as a light that you can turn on and off. I feel like that last sentence sounds a lot like a song! Today I decided to bring it up from they playroom for William and I have to admit that I fell in love all over again with this toy. Addie and William spent hours playing with it together. She found many opportunities to play peek a boo with him and really enjoyed showing him all of the new features of his "new" toy. He is still a little small for it, but it won't be long until he's crawling through the doorway. All I need to do is order this replacement pack because half of the accessories are missing. What's your favorite toy? Send us an email at and we will publish it!

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