Nary a Wary Cause for Cassowary!

Have you ever seen a cassowary??  They're huge and beautiful!  In fact, they're the second largest bird in the world and quite dangerous; however, their numbers are declining in the tropical forests of Australia & New Guinea.  How could something so incredible and large be losing the battle to exist?? Because, nobody knows about them!  There are only about 50-75 in the western hemisphere and none in the Northeast, US.  

My name is Marc and I am the curator and veterinarian for the Staten Island Zoo.  With about 1400 animals, the Staten Island Zoo offers a charming and intimate experience to see some rather unique creatures seldom seen at other zoos.  Animals include the Amur leopard (the world's most endangered cat), a friendly sloth, a binturong, fossa, klipspringer antelope, tamandua, and one of the largest collections of reptiles, especially rattlesnakes. 

As a zoo we have the incredible responsibility to inform the public about the status of animals in the wild.  Therefore, we would like to bring a pair of cassowary to one of the most populous regions in the world: New York City.  The Staten Island Zoo will be committed to exhibiting and breeding the species.  With increased visitation to see the rare creature, we can secure their existence on this planet. 

All that said, very few cassowary are born each year which makes them exceptionally hard to come by.  Only one cassowary has been born at a public zoo in the past three years!  To help achieve our goal, we have to turn to private breeders for help, but this comes at a substantial cost.  To bring in a pair will cost over $15,000... and then comes you!

How Can You Help?
Each bird costs $7,500.  We would like two birds for breeding and thus $15,000.
Every dollar earned on this campaign will go towards a purchase of the cassowaries, whether we make it or not!
I am so personally excited about this!  I absolutely love sharing new experiences with people and just know that this will inspire many visitors to take action to help the cassowary in the wild.  With help from people like you, we have already brought in these amazing animals to the collection for breeding and propagation:

Binturong (Over $20,000!)
African Crested Porcupine ($5,000)
Goeldi's Monkeys ($15,000)
Come see them all today!

Other Ways You Can Help

Simple word of mouth and even visiting us can also make the difference.  Come see our beautiful animals and let them encourage you to make your own grassroots foundation to help the world and all of its inhabitants!

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