Lego Friends

We recently went to a Lego-themed birthday party (it was really cute, maybe I can sweet talk my friend into a guest post!) and the party favor was these cute little Lego Friend sets. Anna actually received that very same one. Addie got this one. When we got home, Anna went straight up to the craft room (all small toys we move up there) and started building her Lego set. She loved it! When she finished building it, she mentioned something about it not coming with the background that was pictured on the box. I told her to make one. So I got her an empty shoe box, some decorative tape, construction paper, branches from one of our bushes, then she, with a little help, created this. It is a restaurant that specializes in desserts. 

Here is Addie's.

She made up a back story about how the person on the boat drove to the restaurant and parked their boat. There was more, but I can't seem to recall all of it. The awesome part about these Lego Friends is that for a long time we have been trying to get Anna interested in Lego bricks. Lego Friends seemed to be a good gateway to Lego Fun! She has convinced herself that certain toys are for boys and others are for girls. Lego Friends gave her a different outlook about Lego in general. She recently told me that she plays with the "regular" Lego pieces at school.

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