Anna and Maya Go To Kindergarten!

Today Anna and Maya had their first day of Kindergarten (wow, it still blows my mind). Although, I hate, HATE when people tell me to enjoy these times because they go by fast. I DO want to enjoy these moments. I don't want to be constantly reminded that they go by fast, which makes me feel sad. Anyway, here is a picture of Maya and Anna walking to school together. Aren't they adorable?

Dresses Handmade by Sadie

I decided to do a few things to make Anna feel special for her big day. We had already shopped for the normal things: new lunch box, backpack, and outfit. I even got her this cool cup that keeps beverages cold for 12 hours. We are make frequent long car trips to visit family. Why did I not buy this before? Then a few extra special things: last night I gave her a bubble bath, we played spa, I trimmed her nails and gave her a foot massage. Then when she got out of the tub I painted her nails and toes with a new sparkly nail polish I picked up. She loved every minute of it. This morning I made waffles (I mixed up the batter last night, don't be too impressed!) and I cut up bananas and arranged them to look like ice cream cones. Complete with a little shake of sprinkles. Anna was excited for her special breakfast and Addie didn't mind getting in on this action.

Sarah made them homemade banana whip "ice cream" with peanut butter and chocolate chips. It was quite delicious! Maybe she will share the recipe soon!

We didn't get a lot of details about what happened while the girls were at school. Any other parents have this problem? Although Anna did say that she had a great day. I wanted to preserve the memory of today and Anna and what she was like on her first day of Kindergarten. I always love the chalkboard pictures parents take with their child's favorite color, food, etc. Here is my tech-ed up version.

Now if we can get through Addie's first day, especially the drop off (she has never been in school) we will be in good shape! Fingers crossed, Addie starts next Monday. 

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