Animal Print Nails for the Cassowary Cause

Can you imagine telling someone that you helped bring an animal to a zoo? Listen, I can barely believe that I hung out with some zoo animals let alone be part of funding one! Well if this was your long lost dream I'm about to make it come true! 

The Staten Island Zoo is trying to add cassowaries to the zoo. Kid friendly description of a cassowary can be found here. We have taught the kids a bit about them and they are excited about raising money to see them in person!

So how can YOU help? You can make a direct donation here. You can also purchase some Jamberry Nails during the fundraiser and I will be donating 20% of the sales to the fundraiser. Each purchase will ALSO enter you to win a FREE sheet of nails of your choice!

Here is the link to order! Want to go animal themed? Below are some options; find more on the site!
What exactly ARE Jamberry Nails? Excellent question! They are vinyl nail wraps that are applied with HEAT and PRESSURE. Each sheet will usually last you for two manicures AND two pedicures. The don't chip, are easy to put on and come in HUNDREDS of designs. They are also made right here in the USA.
Stay tuned for more ways to support the Staten Island Zoo's quest to bring home the Cassowarys!

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