This Kitchen Table Got a Makeover Including a Pedicure

As soon as Will was born I started looking for a new table and chair set for our kitchen. Hey, what can I say? I am a planner. We had a black table with four black chairs. Since we are now a family of five, we needed a table with five chairs. I thought a round table was my best bet to fit an odd number of chairs around. One day I was aimlessly wandering around IKEA. Is there another way to shop there? When I stumbled across these chairs,  they became the inspiration for my project. I have to say I really like the look of a wood painted table with metal chairs. These are not only my favorite color, but they were only $20. They are meant to be used outdoor chairs, but let's be honest: what mom wouldn't want a nice, sturdy, durable, chair for their kids to use on a daily bases? That's what I thought! After I found the chairs, I was on a mad search for a pedestal table. I was looking for a project so I started checking daily our local Craigslist. Then my good friend Shari from The Spearmint Blogs was packing up to move across the country and offered me this table. She said if I didn't want it, she would put it out on the street. That should give you an idea of the condition it was in before I redid it. Here is a picture (if you are curious).

With my electric sander I sanded this table with medium grit sandpaper for a good four hours. This took off the polyurethane and smoothed out all of the rough areas. Next I panted it with a white semi-gloss latex paint. I used a small smooth finish roller on the top and I used a brush for the pedestal and claw feet. I put two coats of paint on the entire table. I used aqua paint that matched the chairs to paint the rim under the table top and the toenails of the claw feet. Next I used a good paint brush (must spend $10-15) to brush on a clear brushing lacquer on the top. I put three coats on just the top. I was given bad advice never put lacquer over latex paint unless it has cured for thirty days. There was one spot that bubbled up but luckily it smoothed back out. The reason I wanted to use lacquer is because of its hard finish. Also, it doesn't have a yellow tint to it that some polyurethanes can have, which is important when you are putting it over white.

Here is a close up of the pedicure!

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