The Wet Brush

Our hair has been a crazy tangled up mess during our beach week. Normally this is troublesome for all the girls in the family, but the wind, ocean, and sand really have taken it to a whole new level. My awesome sister-in-law Dara showed me this magical brush called The Wet Brush. Magical? Yes! It can get knots out of extremely tangled wet hair without any pain. I just used it on all of us. Not only did it take less time--because I didn't have to work to get out each and every tangle--but no one was in pain or running away from me while getting their hair brushed (Addie). Anna begged me to order one (I'm getting Sarah one too). They will be at our house when we get home. If you or your children have tangled hair, BUY THIS TODAY! It will change your life!

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  1. I've seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond if you need instant gratification!


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