So I Walked Into Target...

Isn't that how it always starts? I went into Target for xxx and I walked out $300 later but forgot the item I came in for. Yesterday I went in to get a case of Honest Tea for our friend who has helped us out a lot this summer. They didn't have it. What did I walk out with? A shirt for Maya, pants and a dress for me and yes, two pairs of canvas loafers. (Striped ones and gray ones.)

I know myself. If I didn't get the loafers I would end up going back, my size wouldn't be there and I'd go on a search for the perfect loafer. I would then end up with some fancy loafer that cost me WAY too much and I don't like as much as the cheaper ones from Target.

These shoes seem to be the perfect fall shoe. Sturdier and more padding than Toms-esque shoes but not yet full on winter. Best part? I used my Cartwheel app and got $5 off each shoe! (They came out to $15 per pair.) Now comes the big question, do I keep both pairs??

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