My New Best Friend Is A Fox

The family (and pretend family, Alan and Kristen) took another trip to the Staten Island Zoo this week! We had all been looking forward to it, collecting needed items from Goodwill to donate (diaper bags, pet carriers, etc.) and purchasing matching t-shirts to wear. Why did we get matching t-shirts? Why not? We are crazypants and, on the night we found them on, we thought they were an amusing homage to C.C. the sloth and had to buy them. And wear them at the same time. Did I mention we are a bit dorky?
We drove the minivan to Staten Island and started on our tour! We began at the nursery. I'll just put it out there, babies are cute. Human babies, animal babies, I love them all! And, just as I get nostalgic about my babies growing up it was so cute to see the baby animals that we saw three months ago grow up too! We pet and fed the baby groudhogs, held Greg the Fennec Fox who, if I could, I would take home. He is the cutest little yippy stinker. He runs and plays and yips up a storm but when you hold him he rests his head on your shoulder and you pet the softest fur you've ever felt.
Remember the emus we met in the hallway last time? Well they grew up a lot too! They are now in an outside enclosure and we visited them. They like shiny things and were pecking at my bag and my nails. They also pecked at Jared! (Not mean pecks but friendly ones!)

We toured the zoo amazed by all the animals and all that has been done to revitalize the place. It's truly a great place to spend a day to see some amazing animals!
After the zoo all of us went to Alan's house for another AMAZING dinner by his mom. Maya and Simon were exited to see their "Chinese Grandma" and Maya spent some time helping in the kitchen. The food, as always, was spectacular. I ate so much I felt like I had to roll myself out of the house! Another staycation success!

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