I love great customer service!

It's true that I do, but who doesn't? That company/employee who was too nice to me said no one ever said that. I recently contacted Booginhead regarding a problem that I had with a pacifier clip that I ordered for William. I had previously bought one for Adelyn when she was a baby and I loved it! If you haven't purchased one and you have a baby, stop reading and buy one now. At the top of the page it says "no more five second rule." This is why it is one of the best baby items ever. Your baby's pacifier will never touch anything--ever again--that's too gross.  I have three kids. Believe me, I am not a germaphobe, but there are certain places that if a pacifier land, the next place it has to go is the trash can. There is no proper way to clean a pacifier that dropped on the ground at the zoo, or at Target, or at...I could do this all day. You get the point. You may be wondering why I chose Booginhead over the other brands. There are a couple of reasons. First, they are universal. Which means they will work with any pacifier. My kids all liked Nux. Second, the patterns are ridiculously cute! I couldn't resist the one in Orange Tie (Love). I also love the one in Nautical Blue. Honestly, they are all cute. William being the only boy, I have a soft spot for all things tie. Last, they are very durable. As I mentioned, I did have a slight problem with the one that I purchased, but I think it was just a fluke. I bought one for Adelyn and it was the best one that I tried, after throwing away three different ones (that the velcro wore out after a month of use). Don't buy a pacifier "strap" with velcro. I always email companies when I have a problem with a product. When I do this, one of three things happens. Either I receive no response, which is extremely annoying! Or they email back and give a ridiculous list of things that one must do to prove that a particular product is defective. While I understand the need for companies to do this, I find it a hassle. I have three small children. When and how do they expect me to take a picture of a defective product from twenty different angles? Just send me a box or email me a label and I'll send it back. Come on. The third and most favored response is one that comes the SAME DAY and all they want is your address and pattern of the product you purchased so that they can mail you a new one. This is the exact thing that happened to me when I emailed Booginhead. I just love a company that stands by their products! Booginhead has great products at affordable prices and awesome customer service!

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