How To Survive An Airplane Trip With Kids

When I was a kid I looked forward to airplane trips. Yes, we were going on vacation and that was lovely. What I looked forward to was the ACTUAL airplane trip! My mom used to carefully pack us brand new toys in our suitcases that we could only look at when we were on the airplane. This generated so much excitement for me knowing that the pink Snoopy suitcase was filled with brand new toys to play with! The most memorable toy was on a trip to Florida when I got the coveted Mapletown Family toys. I played with those the whole trip and was so excited!!! (Anyone else remember that show???)

Ever since then my sister, Allison, and I have given each other "airplane presents". As we've gotten older it's been magazines, gum, snacks and ebooks. When Maya was born she began giving her plane packages. Now it's MY turn for 1.5 year old Clara!

We have done a fair amount of airplane travel with kids. I try to pack cheap, somewhat disposable toys with play value that is often not apparent. I remember Simon sitting on a plane with Clara's unfavored pacifiers putting them in one cup, transferring them to another cup and back again. Here is what I came up with for Clara!
1. New books to read.
2. Cups and things to put into them. Never underestimate the power of putting things in cups.
3. Tape - kids get so intrigued by the stickiness. I love watching their faces when the tape gets stuck!
    Gel Clings - Maya literally played with these for HOURS on a flight! At the time I laminated
                        paper and she played on that but Allison had Clara use them right on the tray table!
4. Table Toppers for the tray tables. Splurge on the ones that have adhesive on all four sides.
5. Fabric Retractable Tape Measure - Trust me, it's worth it. Pull it out, push the button.
6. Beachball - For playing with on the trip...not so much for the airplane. ;)
7. Snacks - Feed them. It keeps them happy and happy kids on a plane make happy parents
8. As my friend and I joke, if all else fails throw some money at your problems. I gave my niece a
    whole stack of hundreds. (Hundred doller bill tissues. They might come in handy also!)
9. Cute Barrettes - Keep the kids looking cute, it can't hurt!

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