Honey Butter

Tonight we went to Sarah's house for dinner. She made cornbread (she will post the recipe tomorrow) as one of the side dishes. It was tasty, but she thought it needed a little something. When she mentioned putting butter on it, an idea popped into my head to make Honey Butter. A friend's mom made this for me at Thanksgiving when I was in college and I loved it! Not only is is delicious, it is quite simple. Two ingredients. Yep you guessed: honey and butter. It is a good idea to let the butter soften on the counter for a few hours. This will make it very easy to mix in the honey. Add honey to taste. I used one stick of butter and three tablespoons of honey and whisked it together until it was combined. Sorry, you actually may hate me for telling you about this: Try not to eat the entire stick of butter!

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