Have you heard of Haul.com? If not don't feel too bad, you are still cool, it is just Haul is pretty new. What is Haul? I'm so glad you asked. It is a website with pictures and videos of people showing you what they bought on their last shopping trip. There are clothing hauls, makeup haulsjewelry hauls and more. 

The posters are mainly young women and teenagers. If you follow them on social media sites such as twitter and Facebook they will give you a heads up on sales that they have spotted. The Haulers post things about products that they picked up at places ranging from exclusive boutiques to Target (who doesn't love Target?). 

If you see something on Haul that you like you can like it or reblog it to your tumblr, or you can Pin It, Like on Facebook and Tweet it. 

I checked this website out because my friend Todd Levy told me about it, he thought that I would be into it. He and his company are helping to develop the website. I don't even ever really wear makeup (I consider it a success when I brush my teeth) but they even convinced me to check out a few things the next time I'm out shopping. 

The nice thing for moms is you could sit down and watch three videos and get some great ideas for things that are in style the next time you are out shopping. It seems like a super easy way to keep up on trends. Any way stop what you are doing right now and go check out Haul or follow Haul on Facebook. It's pretty awesome!

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